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Commissions: Closed

For commissioning me, please check my Ko-fi to see if the item you want is already available.

If you would like to commission me for something not listed, please contact me at: for a price quote!

I am currently not open for long term freelance / contract work.

Link to my commission T.O.S. can be found here.

Queue: (8 slots total)

If you are looking to move up in the queue, you may request a higher placement in the queue at a cost of a "Rush fee".

Please contact me at stating the date you need the commission completed by, as well as the ID of your order (in the chart above).

**Note: cost will vary depending on how soon the item is needed. Gold names are clients who have paid a rush fee, and cannot be moved below in priority.**

S/O to @Oyasumiyuni for the inspiration for my queue format!

Waitlist: (Closed)

Waitlist slots open in the last week of the given commission month. There are 5 slots total.

These slots are for low-priority commissions that will be completed alongside my queue, as well as reserved slots for my queue.

Commissions will be moved to the queue once payment is sent, and a slot is available.

If slots are open, you can contact me at to reserve a slot. Please put "WAITLIST" in your email header.

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